Empower Your Organization With Effective Work Related Violence Prevention Training.

91% of small and mid-size businesses believe that violence can happen to any entity regardless of industry.*  And nonprofit organizations, and government agencies' staff face an increased threat since the onset of Covid.

Here's what happens to organizations effected by work related violence:

♢Higher rates of staff turnover and absenteeism.

♢Decrease in staff interaction, feeling of community, and productivity.

♢Lasting damage to your reputation in the community.

♢Resulting in lower sales and lower revenue.

♢Leading to higher insurance premiums.

♢ Increased risk for expensive litigation and costly jury awards.

*Zogby Analytics 2021 Survey on Workplace Violence.

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Work Related Violence Prevention Training Customized to Your Organization's Specific Needs.

Protect your most important assets. We'll help you implement programs, and provide you training to help your staff and organization be free from violence whether that's from the community, a business invitee (patient, client, customer, or vendor), co-worker, or from a staff member's current or former intimate partner or family member when domestic violence spills over into the workplace.

✅ Improve staff morale by increasing their feelings of being safe and secure in the workplace and while out in the community.

✅ Staff that feels safer is more productive and engaged in their work improving your organization's performance and bottom line.

✅ Staff that feels that their safety matters to their employer better serve their clients and community.

Find the Training that is Best for Your Team

Workplace violence prevention and staff safety is not a one sized fits all process. Every organization and every industry has unique challenges, requirements, and needs. We'll assess where your organization is at and identify a training approach to help you meet your safety needs.

Investigation Training

Effective investigation skills can reduce the risk of violence.

✅ How to conduct pre-employment background research that can identify a history of violence and harassment BEFORE hiring.

✅ Design an effective complaint and investigation process that instill confidence in your staff that workplace issues are addressed effectively.

✅ Staff members trained in conducting neutral fact-finding investigations to resolve workplace issues before they lead to violence.

 ✅ Reduce the risk of facing negligent hiring and negligent retention lawsuits.


Premises Assessments for Security and Safety

Ensuring safety through the physical environment.

✅ Assess your internal and external physical layout, lighting, and communication systems to enhance staff safety.

 ✅ Implement simple workplace layout solutions that enhance staff safety without effecting service to your clients and community.

✅ Design a process for your staff to use internal and exterior layout to maximize safety during an episode of violence.

✅ Reduce the likelihood of premises liability lawsuits.


Personal Safety & Self-Defense Training

Provide your staff with the skills they need to handle most any situation whether working in the community or at your workplace.

✅ Situational awareness to AVOID threats to their safety.

✅ De-escalation training to keep a tense encounter from spiraling into violence.

✅ Changing the dynamics of an attack to take away an attacker's advantage.

✅ Self-defense training that anyone can implement regardless of size or strength.


Ready to Improve Staff Safety and Benefit Your Organization too.

Schedule your FREE, no obligation, 15-minute discovery call. We'll talk about your safety goals and challenges, where you are today in meeting those goals and challenges, and what approaches you can take to achieve the results you want. Be the kind of organization that people seek out because of how you promote staff safety.

"The situational awareness training was huge and it was something I was able to put into practice immediately! The most helpful thing from my perspective was the ability to have a specific plan and specific skills to extricate myself and my employees from a threatening situation. It is very reassuring."

Cherie LaCour
Attorney and Law Firm Owner

"Actually doing the exercises really helped me—talking about what to do is helpful, but in particular it helps get over the initial shyness with actually having to do them. I think that women in particular feel very self-conscience about self-protection."

Laura Callanan

"After training with Mike there was a huge change. First there was just the confidence. I felt like I could go out and I had the skills and the know how to deal with any situation that came up and to get out of there safely."

Mandy Marley

Mike Corwin

Mike Corwin conducted civil plaintiff, criminal defense, and 3rd party fact-finding investigations for 30+ years leading including many workplace related cases. He.has helped hundreds of individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to reduce the risk of work related and community violence, including court staff and judges, the staff of a United States Senator, attorneys, healthcare professionals, educators, and more. Allowing them to continue confidently serving their communities. 

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