Concerned about Work Related and Community Violence? This On-Demand Workshop Will Help You Protect Your Staff and Organization From the Effects of Work Related and Community Violence Including:

  • Higher staff turnover and absenteeism.
  • Lower morale and productivity.
  • Reduced sales and revenue.
  • Damage to your reputation in the community.
  • Higher healthcare costs.
  • Higher insurance premiums.
Mike Corwin helps small to midsize businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies thrive by designing and implementing workplace violence prevention programs.

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Implementing a work related violence prevention program is good for your staff AND for your organization. 

The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing to teach your staff that works in the community safe. And how they can implement it today.


Parking garage and parking lot safety risks. And easy to implement steps to be safer where they park.



De-escalation tricks your staff can use to DEFUSE a tense situation, whether at work, or out in the community, BEFORE it becomes violent. 



Plus, a complaint and investigation process that instills confidence. Internal communication techniques that increase the safety of front desk staff. And physical layout tips that improve safety.




The Components of Staff Safety and Violence Risk Reduction

The best workplace cultures make sure that their staff knows how to keep themselves safe at the workplace and out in the community. Your staff should be your most important asset. Teaching them how to keep themselves safe while at work and out in the community lets them know how much you value them. And organizations that properly investigate threats to staff when they occur build confidence in their staff.

Live shooter trainings don't work. This workshop covers the components of personal safety that are critical to staff safety.

✅ Situational awareness: Reading and assessing the environment around you, and the people within it, for threats to your safety. This is the single most important element for staff safety.

✅De-escalation: Calming tense situations before they can escalate to violence. This element provides the last chance to avoid having to physically engage with a possible attacker.

✅Changing the dynamics of an attack: Taking away an attacker's initial advantage that comes from launching a sudden attack. Equalizing the situation helps you to survive the initial attack and helps create the opportunity to exit safely.

✅ Self-defense: Physical actions designed to stop an attack quickly and safely so that you can exit the situation. When you have no choice but to physically engage, you need techniques that work regardless of your size, strength, or physical ability.

✅ Internal Investigations: And we cover an effective approach to conducting internal investigations that instill confidence in your staff.

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An organization that helps its staff feel more confident about their safety, has more staff engagement, with less turnover and absenteeism.